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Garden Light LED
Garden Light LED
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LED Mini Spot Light Brass

APPLICATION: - Up light, Shadowing, Wall Wash, Silhouette, Architectural Accents, Down light DESIGNED and CONSTRUCTED for MAXIMUM HEAT TRANSFER: - 6061 Aluminum - Clear Anodized (SSA Model) - 6061 Aluminum - High Performance Enamel (AB, BLK Models) - High Performance C360 Solid Brass (BR Model) - Tempered Mineral Glass Protective Lens LED LIFE EXPECTANCY (Philips Lumileds TM-21 data): - Greater than 60,000 hours (greater than 20 years at 8 hours per day) DRIVER SYSTEM: - Internal Driver constructed with advanced electronics, engineered for optimal heat transfer INPUT VOLTAGE: - 10.5 to 20 Volts AC INSTALLATION and HARDWARE: - LV181 Ground Stake included - All stainless steel hardware LEAD WIRES: - SPT-2 18 gauge Tinned wire, total lead length is 39” ELECTRONICS WARRANTY: - 20 Years
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