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Majestic Custom Designs & Woodworking Inc.
Majestic Custom Designs & Woodworking Inc.
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Kitchen Remodel

Here is a small kitchen remodel we did in Groveland/Clermont area. The original kitchen was a dark wood with little/no storage space and lots of wasted space covered by false doors. (top left) We removed the refrigerator and stretched the cabinets down to create more space and reachable space. We then un-leved the upper cabinets to give it a more custom look and added molding. (bottom left) We opened up space and created a huge pantry area, moved fridge to this space -center- pantries on both sides, spice racks, bottle drawers for extra storage, Crown finish and decorative columns. (top right) reconstructed entire space, added 3 drawers, lazy Susan, & spice pull-out. Wrapped bar with wood custom finished paneling, decorative column on end wrap, created custom island with 4 bottle drawers for ADDITIONAL storage. Paint Color: Half & Half "Review by Marilyn Z. in Groveland, FL Project: Design a Kitchen Comments: Javier did a great job redesigning my non-functioning kitchen using, painting and moving my existing cabinets. He also built in a lot of usable storage, as well as adding an island with 4 big, deep drawers. I now have plenty of cupboards, drawers and work surface that I didn't previously have. The whole crew worked very hard to make everything right." Thank you Mrs. Z!