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Свежая идея для дизайна: гостевая спальня среднего размера, (комната для гостей) в морском стиле с зелеными стенами - отличное фото интерьера
Aiden Fabrics
Aiden Fabrics
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Isle of Palms Condo

Designer Cyndie McManus redesigned a retired couple’s Isle of Palms condo to create a calm beachside retreat. Inspired by nature – the beach, sand and water – Cyndie created a design palette with coastal colors and patterns. The condo is full of seaside hues like soft greens and blues mixed with white and wooden textures. Cyndie even refinished some of the couple’s furniture herself by distressing some of the wood and adding a fresh coat of paint to other pieces. She continued her seaside theme into the guest bedroom, where she added a pop of coral to their nightstand, which she painted herself. The neutral starfish patterned custom draperies added to the decor and coastal flair. A second bedroom continued the inviting palette with blues and greens. We love the fabric she chose for the bedspread.

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