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Идея дизайна: большая угловая кухня в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с с полувстраиваемой мойкой (с передним бортиком), синими фасадами, столешницей из кварцита, белым фартуком, фартуком из каменной плиты, техникой под мебельный фасад, островом, коричневым полом, белой столешницей, фасадами в стиле шейкер и темным паркетным полом
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"I want people to say 'Wow!' when they walk in!"

"I want people to say 'Wow!' when they walk in to my house" This was our directive for this bachelor's newly purchased home. We accomplished the mission by drafting plans for a significant remodel which included removing walls and columns, opening up the spaces between rooms to create better flow, then adding custom furnishings and original art for a customized unique Wow factor! His Christmas party proved we had succeeded as each person 'wowed!' the spaces! Even more meaningful to us, as Designers, was watching everyone converse in the sitting area, dining room, living room, and around the grand island (12'-6" grand to be exact!) and genuinely enjoy all the fabulous, yet comfortable spaces.