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Идея дизайна: большой, двухэтажный, коричневый частный загородный дом в современном стиле с комбинированной облицовкой, плоской крышей и металлической крышей
Dynia Architects
Dynia Architects
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Gros Ventre Residence

Extensive valley and mountain views inspired the siting of this simple L-shaped house that is anchored into the landscape. This shape forms an intimate courtyard with the sweeping views to the south. Looking back through the entry, glass walls frame the view of a significant mountain peak justifying the plan skew. The circulation is arranged along the courtyard in order that all the major spaces have access to the extensive valley views. A generous eight-foot overhang along the southern portion of the house allows for sun shading in the summer and passive solar gain during the harshest winter months. The open plan and generous window placement showcase views throughout the house. The living room is located in the southeast corner of the house and cantilevers into the landscape affording stunning panoramic views. Project Year: 2012

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