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Свежая идея для дизайна: детская в современном стиле - отличное фото интерьера

Girly & Vintage Bedroom

The design My client and I discussed the opportunity to create a transitional environment with a vintage and girly design vibe for her toddler daughter by painting two full size wall murals and incorporating the aesthetic my client had been collecting for her daughter.. We considered the transition she would be soon making, from a crib to a big girl bed, as it was important to my client and me as the designer to create something her daughter can grow into and be inspired by for many years to come. The window wall - I was inspired by the shape of the tree and how it could frame the existing window within the room. I recalled looking out my bedroom window as a little girl and getting lost in my own little world. I designed the tree to wrap around the window, so as the window served as a literal opening into the world behind the mystical tree limbs and falling leaves. We included the daughter's initials as well as the parents' initials on the tree branches. The bed wall - My client told me she wanted the following: a mural including an organic floral motif that either could be in the shape of one flower or an organic floral arrangement that encompassed the whole wall. She mentioned sort of going for a vintage and girly vibe. With my client's vision in mind, I designed the bed wall. I started out by drawing one very large flower across the wall. From there, I wanted to incorporate what was happening on the adjacent wall with the falling leaves. I peeled a couple petals off the flower and was inspired to turn one of the petals into a pad for a frog (what princess doesn't like to kiss the frog?). This design was a matter of motion and one decision inspiring the next. The petal turned into a pad, the pad floating in water made ripples in the water that turned into a vintage ribbon that uncurled itself across the room leading to a bouquet of flowers and vintage bows. It wasn't until showing my client the draft version of the mural did I find out that not only did her daughter love frogs but that the ribbon reminded her of old pressed vintage flowers that her beloved family member had up in her home. We considered the draft a win and a few finishing touches were made and voila. This vintage and girly bedroom was a go! Photo by Annie Loaiza of Annie Helen