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Wellborn + Wright
Wellborn + Wright
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Franklin Street Residence

Wellborn + Wright has teamed up with Richmond native Cobblestone Development Group again for this incredible renovation. What was originally a constricting, one story brick ranch house from the mid 20th century is now a bright, soaring, three story home with a much more open and inviting floor plan. Be sure to flip through the slideshow above to the last 3 pictures which show the “before and after” versions of the kitchen and entryway. Wellborn + Wright was happy to provide the smooth surface box beams that ran along the ceiling and “sectioned off” the individual living spaces on the first floor – kitchen, living room, dining room – without actually dividing the space itself. A mantle (not shown) and kitchen island counter top made from reclaimed white oak can be found in the kitchen and living room respectively. It should be noted that, while W+ didn’t provide the flooring for this project, what you see here is an exact match to our South Hampton oak flooring – so if you like what you see on the floors just as much as the ceiling, we can definitely help you there!