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50 Degrees North Architects
50 Degrees North Architects
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Evelyn Road, Wimbledon

Overview Extend off the rear of a Victorian terrace to yield an amazing family space. The Brief Phase II of this project for us, we were asked to extend into the side and off the rear as much as planning would allow, then create a light, sleek space for a design-driven client. Our Solution While wraparound extensions are ubiquitous (and the best way to enhance living space) they are never boring. Our client was driven to achieve a space people would talk about and so it’s has proved. This scheme has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Houzz; we think the neat lines and bold choices make it an excellent ideas platform for those looking to create a kitchen diner with seating space and utility area. The brief is a common one, but each client goes on to work with us on their own unique interpretation.

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Upstand kitchen creating a barrier