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Свежая идея для дизайна: большой, двухэтажный, разноцветный частный загородный дом в классическом стиле с комбинированной облицовкой и крышей из гибкой черепицы - отличное фото интерьера
Quarry Mill
Quarry Mill
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Empire Real Thin Stone Veneer Accent Wall, Wainscoting, and Pillars

The Quarry Mill's Empire natural thin stone veneer adds a clean and modern look to the exterior of this beautiful home. Empire natural stone veneer consists of mild shades of gray and a consistent sandstone texture. This stone comes in various sizes of mostly rectangular shaped stones with squared edges. Empire is a great stone to create a brick wall layout but still create a natural look and feel. As a result, it works well for large and small projects like accent walls, exterior siding, and features like mailboxes. The light colors will blend well with any décor and provide a neutral backing to any space.

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