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Свежая идея для дизайна: дом в современном стиле - отличное фото интерьера
Grow Land, LLC
Grow Land, LLC
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Elegant Contemporary Remodel

This Elegant Contemporary remodel project is our featured project of the month, and includes a back yard lawn “scrape off” and redo. We removed all the old grass and key surrounding plant material that was dated, and added fresh new plants and created a complete themed destination. The client had this idea in her head, and we turned it into reality, making this tranquil gathering place her back yard focus! We installed updated lawn sprinklers for the newly designed grass area, and a raw steel border to define the lounge space. The interior is lush synthetic turf installed in and around travertine paving stone, patterned after the client’s worn and dated “before” back yard. We told her that we could turn her concept into something absolutely stunning, and here is the finished result. We also renewed the landscape lighting with new fixtures and a programmable timer, and designed space for a water feature that was a sentimental family must-have! We planted new vines that will green up the side walls. The installation of this complete space included completely automated systems for lights and water, and you can see from the pictures, just a little bit better than the other guys. As with every project, we provided our “like it was my house” service, and the client was so excited with this space that we have since been contacted for the front yard!

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