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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: коридор в викторианском стиле
Full Bloom Cottage
Full Bloom Cottage
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Early 20th Century Louis Philippe Style Giltwood Mirror with Clamshell Carvings

Early 20th century Louis Philippe style giltwood mirror with clamshell carvings. Beautiful aged gilt finish with bevel mirror, large clam shell carving at the top and intricate carved details. This mirror is wood, and gesso. Minor scratches to the frame where you will see white peeking through. It does have age, and has a couple minor carvings missing. This does not distract from the mirror and is very hard to spot out when looking at it. Overall is in great condition, the frame is solid and sturdy, the mirror is secure inside the frame. It looks as if it were once above a mantel (fireplace), there are 2 tiny holes at the very top where is was once placed. Measures: 47" W x 2.5" D x 61" H.