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На фото: угловая кухня среднего размера в современном стиле с двойной мойкой, мраморной столешницей, белым фартуком, фартуком из мрамора, техникой из нержавеющей стали, островом, бежевым полом и двухцветным гарнитуром
My Bespoke Room
My Bespoke Room
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Dark blue kitchen with gold accents

This modern blue and brass kitchen is the heart of this open-plan space and leads right into a stunning garden, framed by big french doors. This beautiful space belongs to our Head of Design Lucy, whose home was entirely designed by herself and her architect husband, after knocking down some derelict garages in a prime location in Bournemouth to make way for their stunning family home. Want to transform your home with the UK’s #1 Interior Design Service? You can collaborate with professional and highly experienced designers and our team of skilled Personal Shoppers to achieve your happy home effortlessly, all at a happy price. For more inspiration visit our site to see more projects

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Shows a 2 tone kitchen with a pantry