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Идея дизайна: спальня в стиле неоклассика (современная классика)
Furniture Row
Furniture Row
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Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home Primary Bedroom Design 2023

Our designer details her inspiration for the Dream Home Primary Bedroom: "In the primary bedroom, I started off with the Sandstone Upholstered Bed because it was just such an easy fit. Its headboard has these great contemporary lines and upholstered channel inserts, and the whole thing is finished in this beautiful tan-brown color that just looks great with the rustic elements of the home. Once I had decided on the Sandstone Group, I added the gray Serene Coverlet Set and Granada Rug to instill a touch of contemporary contrast, then I paired those with the Glenda Table Lamp to round out the earthy color palette. Lastly, I added in a gorgeous accent ladder from the new South Platte furniture collection that you can find in some of our local stores, and I placed the Palm Beige art pieces above the bed because their light frames work great with the Sandstone’s finish - plus they add in some more natural, outdoorsy appeal.”