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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: двухуровневая гостиная комната в стиле рустика с зелеными стенами, ковровым покрытием, печью-буржуйкой, фасадом камина из камня и белым полом без телевизора
Quarry Mill
Quarry Mill
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Coastline Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace

This gorgeous rustic inspired cobblestone fireplace is made Coastline natural thin stone veneer from the Quarry Mill. Coastline is a natural New England cobblestone. The pieces of natural stone veneer come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Coastline has a weathered and naturally rough texture with mainly earth tones. This thin stone veneer is a great fit on lake houses or coastal homes. Stones of this style can also be referred to as boulders or round side out stone. Coastline is unique because it is not a quarried stone by rather a natural fieldstone. Cobblestones can be used for both interior and exterior applications and are well suited for both large and small projects. For masons who are comfortable with and have experience installing cobblestones, they typically go quickly and have a medium to low installation cost.