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Идея дизайна: изолированная гостиная комната среднего размера в современном стиле с с книжными шкафами и полками, бежевыми стенами и ковровым покрытием без камина, телевизора
Randy Trainor
Randy Trainor
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Clubhouse and Commercial Design

A place to read and relax, this room is equipped with a wooden chair with red cushions, dark wooden chest table, patterned carpet, white shelving unit, and red sofa chairs with leaf prints. Homes designed by Franconia interior designer Randy Trainor. She also serves the New Hampshire Ski Country, Lake Regions and Coast, including Lincoln, North Conway, and Bartlett. For more about Randy Trainor, click here: https://crtinteriors.com/ To learn more about this project, click here: https://crtinteriors.com/clubhouse-and-commercial-design

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For family reading and hanging out no tv