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Идея дизайна: маленькая нейтральная детская с игровой в скандинавском стиле для на участке и в саду, ребенка от 1 до 3 лет

Climbing Pikler Ramp Small size Black and Rainbow

● The Climbing furniture is made from high-class polished birch plywood. Birchwood is very strong and flexible. The products are tested at a load of 100 kg, but the maximum load for use is 60 kg. We make sure that everything is brought to perfect condition. ● It is absolutely safe for children: for painting, we use only high-quality, sustainable water-based paints, environmentally friendly varnish. And that’s why our products do not cause any allergic reactions, do not emit harmful substances. ● Climbing set like one of the foundations of Montessori teachings helps developing independence. Children independently work on the improvement of their motor skills (explore their body limits in a safe manner) and encourage children's imagination. ● Our furniture is CE and CPC certified due to the major international toy safety standards, including EN71, ASTM F963, 16CFR, and 15USC 1278a DIMENSIONS •━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━• ● Climbing ramp Small size (with sidewalls and a ladder): Height: 98.5 cm / 38.78 inches Width: 31 cm/ 12.2 inches ATTENTION •━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━• ⚠️ This set DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY DANGEROUS CHEMICAL ELEMENTS AND IS SAFE FOR YOUR BABY!!! ⚠️ Watch your children during games on children's furniture!!! Always be vigilant during children's games!!! ⚠️ The color of the product may be slightly different (lighter / darker) because it is made of natural wood.