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На фото: большая открытая гостиная комната в современном стиле с белыми стенами, светлым паркетным полом, двусторонним камином и мультимедийным центром с
JRP Design & Remodel
JRP Design & Remodel
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Captivating Mid Century

This mid-century masterpiece showcases simple, fuss-free design with modern elements and hints of retro-glam. The clean, simple lines and minimalist inspiration are a nod to the timelessness of the era and each room is bright with windows that all open to marry the outdoors and indoors. Natural light together with unique design elements achieve a relationship between privacy and transparency from the moment you walk into this home without sacrificing functionality. Organic and quirky details are the perfect finishing touches reflecting a sense of nostalgia and modern individuality that this home deserves. Photo Credit: Clarified Studios

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