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Идея дизайна: большая п-образная кухня в современном стиле с обеденным столом, врезной мойкой, плоскими фасадами, зелеными фасадами, мраморной столешницей, серым фартуком, фартуком из цементной плитки, техникой из нержавеющей стали, полом из цементной плитки, полуостровом, серым полом и серой столешницей
Azy LaBelle Design
Azy LaBelle Design
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Brooklyn Kitchen Renovation

Our overall design concept for the renovation of this space was to optimize the functional space for a family of five and accentuate the existing window. In the renovation, we eliminated a huge centrally located kitchen island which acted as an obstacle to the feeling of the space and focused on creating an elegant and balanced plan promoting movement, simplicity and precisely executed details. We held strong to having the kitchen cabinets, wherever possible, float off the floor to give the subtle impression of lightness avoiding a bottom heavy look. The cabinets were painted a pale tinted green to reduce the empty effect of light flooding a white kitchen leaving a softness and complementing the gray tiles. To integrate the existing dining room with the kitchen, we simply added some classic dining chairs and a dynamic light fixture, juxtaposing the geometry of the boxy kitchen with organic curves and triangular lights to balance the clean design with an inviting warmth.

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