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На фото: маленькая гардеробная комната унисекс в современном стиле с плоскими фасадами, бежевыми фасадами, ковровым покрытием и серым полом для на участке и в саду с
Grandeur Hills Group,Inc.
Grandeur Hills Group,Inc.
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Bowery Luxury Apartment

Take a look at this stylish closet. Despite its large size, it does not take up much free space. On the other hand, the closet adds some functionality and high style to the bedroom interior next to it. When you look at this closet, you see that the closet is kind of built into the wall, does not bulge out and does not take up much free space. This closet fits harmoniously into the interior of this apartment not only in size but also in color. You can add some functionality and high-style to your own bedroom interior as well by placing a stylish and beautiful closet next to your bedroom. Contact our design studio in NYC and order our professionals who are bound to know the shortest way to beauty and functionality!

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