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Стильный дизайн: маленькая ванная комната в скандинавском стиле с фасадами островного типа, светлыми деревянными фасадами, накладной ванной, душем над ванной, унитазом-моноблоком, серой плиткой, керамической плиткой, белыми стенами, полом из керамической плитки, душевой кабиной, консольной раковиной и столешницей из искусственного кварца для на участке и в саду - последний тренд
Lauren Keenan Home
Lauren Keenan Home
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Bondi Bathroom

Space was at a premium in this very petite bathroom measuring just 1.7m x 2.2m. My client wanted to continue the light and bright feeling created throughout the rest of this Bondi apartment, and most importantly, she wanted to include a bath. This required considered space planning to ensure it met the brief on both form and function. The palette was kept light to create a sense of space. Simple white wall tiles were used in combination with a sandy grey concrete-style floor tile, while an Oak timber vanity helped to soften the space. Styling was kept to a minimum with just a touch of copper and greenery so we didn’t crowd it out (that’s can be one of the hardest things to do – keeping styling items limited to the ones that make an impact rather than trying to fill every possible space). This bathroom was part of a bigger renovation and makeover of an Art Deco one bedroom apartment in Bondi in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. It had great bones and bucketloads of potential, but needed plenty of thought and expertise applied to get the best result for my client. Have a look at how we updated this apartment’s living room and see how we transformed the kitchen from a dingy u-shaped cooking space to a functioning, modern open-plan kitchen that integrates seamlessly into the living room. Scott Keenan - @travellingman_au