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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: изолированная гостиная комната среднего размера в морском стиле с зелеными стенами, паркетным полом среднего тона, угловым камином, фасадом камина из плитки, телевизором на стене и коричневым полом
Design Me By Mahlah
Design Me By Mahlah
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Asian Flare Living Room

A fresh shade of green for the walls transformed a very sterile white room into a warm and comforting room. The area rug was the first purchase and the rest of the room began to take form around it. New modern tiles for the fireplace and a coat of stove paint gave new life to the wood burning stove. Wood mantels provide a place for the owner to display her vintage teapot collection.