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Denise L
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So I "thought" we had a door for this linen, but looking at our blueprint I was wrong. We do have two other linen closets so I don't mind making this space something else. We just aren't sure of what to put here and I tried to google some photos but not really seeing what I like since this space is angled.

Half cabinet with shelves on top? All shelves? Leave it and put a mirror? or a coat rack? book shelves?

Also, as you can see, there is an air duct vent so we can't really do a wall halfway up, we still need 2-3ft to change out the air filter.

Does anyone have any ideas or photos of what they did with a small angled space like this?

*The space is 9' tall x 2'6" depth x 2' wide

Thank you in advance!

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    The context of this space is lost maybe a floor plan would help

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  • Carolina
    In which room is this corner?
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  • Carolina
    My initial thought was that you could do glass shelves, light above and display some beautiful items, but if a coat rack is more useful in this particular area...
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  • Denise L

    This is our floorplan, I drew a red arrow pointing to the open linen. Let me know if you can see the image.


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    Dupont Cabinetry & Design

    Have you considered a bench seat? If you like the idea of a coat rack you could add hooks above as well.

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    fvk Design

    Wish you had the option to add a light above, but not possible with air duct vent. What if you painted the niche in a bold accent colour, then put artwork in there as a display area. Here is a picture of something similar :)

  • Carolina

    Candy room · Еще

    Well, you may not be able to have lighting above the shelves, but you can have lights under (not if they are glass obv.) or behind the shelves. I think it will be a lovely focal point from the gallery.

    Sophisticated Contemporary · Еще

    You could also put a pedestal with statue on it there...

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    Rina Magen · Еще

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    Shoa Gallery

    I agree with the others. Given it's very visible from the entrance, you can make a bold statement with a tall statue, artwork, etc.

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