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светильники в прихожей
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ОльгаZH Обновлено: спасибо большое!
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Краска для дома
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Добрый день, это краска Dulux
Что за агрегат
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gusevs2003 Обновлено: а какой производитель плиты?
Стулья обалденные. Где можно такие найти?
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Стены красили английской краской Dulux цвет Sand
Can you paint a log house
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Yes, it can be painted! This is a water-based paint Dulux.
А откуда такой волшебный ковер??
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Where is the refrigerator?
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The hall lights outside the kitchen, vintage or can they be purchased?
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Yes, those lights are vintage, purchased in Istanbul
Any issues with the range being next to entryway?
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Constance Обновлено: looks like an Ilve
very nice - what an interesting space
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judymorrison11 Обновлено: Could you tell me what paint was used on logs? Thank you.
Was wonder what colour the paint is? Lovely!
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Hi, it's DULUX color VANILLA MIST 2
where did you get the drop down table, what is the price?
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What make is the hood Vent or extractor fan?
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: sorry, yes, this is the ventilation hood named ILVE
love the cabinets who makes them? where can i find them?
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bethandjoel Обновлено: Lovely.
I love this look the color on the logs is it paint or stain and what is the name of the color
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Hi, Michelle. This is paint by Farrow & Ball, color ref: Wimborne white 239. Hope this helps)
Where is this beautiful clock from?
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Irina Tatarnikova Decor Обновлено: Sorry, didnt notice your question. Well, it's client's thing, they brought it from their trip to Asia.
Где можно купить такое зеркало?
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Room Size
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wine storage
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The stove, brand please .
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what are the countertops
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Where can the boat house stove be puchased? Is that the name of the brand?
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what material did you use for the back wall?
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what is the make of the stove, it looks apartment size.
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joanna415 Обновлено: where is this range from??
I love the cabinets - where are they from?
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type of countertop and the name of that countertop
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New Marble Company Inc. Обновлено: This appears to be a limestone from Israel and it is called Jerusalem Gold.
Where did the light come from. Can I purchase it?
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Where did you get the fridge? Have to have item!
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Bill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co. Обновлено: Here's a company that makes retro refrigerators (it is not the one shown in the photo): http://bigchill.com/ :) Rhoda