Умный дом и системы автоматизации Bremen, GA

Умный дом и системы автоматизации Bremen, GA: избранные отзывы

Atlanta Entertainment Systems
Умный дом и системы автоматизации Bremen, GA
5 апреля 2016 г.
“I recently had a room finished in my basement specifically for a Theater room. I hired Atlanta Entertainment Systems, based on past reviews and Shawn and his team lived up to this rating and more. They coordinated extremely well with my General Contractor as the room was built out. This was my first Theater room and Shawn and team a great job educating and adjusting as the room came together. I purchased a Sony 4k projection system, Monitor Audio sound with Dolby Atmos, & 110” 4k screen. Picture & Sound are AMAZING!! There are many great things I could mention about this experience, however, what really stands out is their customer service. The sub was shipped defective and we didn’t realize until I had already planned a movie night with friends and kids coming over. Shawn without hesitation said I’m heading over now to bring you one of my subs (he lives 45min from my house). He showed up with sub set it up and we were still able to have out 1st movie night!! Anyone can order and install what you ask for… what sets companies apart are how they handle problems/challenges. I would highly recommend Atlanta Entertainment Systems for any home audio projects you have.”
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