Учебные заведения и ассоциации Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU

Школы архитектуры и дизайна открывают двери для всех желающих в городе Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU. Курсы дизайна интерьера, флористики, ландшафтного дизайна - вы можете выбрать любое направление для творчества. Если вы еще не определились с направлением обучения, школы и ассоциации проводят множество ознакомительных мероприятий, коучингов и фестивалей.


Учебные заведения и ассоциации Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU: избранные отзывы

Australasian Furnishing Association
Учебные заведения и ассоциации Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU
13 января 2016 г.
“being in the furniture industry for excess of 30yrs both as a worker and now many years being self employed as a furniture maker in this industry. I have been a member and a part of many membership basis programs over the years. and seeing that these bunch of guys and gals have stepped up for the members and more of there interests I have decided to show my support in return with last season lifting my membership to being a Silver member. here's hoping for more onwards and upwards for our Aussie made industry and our Sexy Furniture. Thank you Danial Beinke International Master Craftsmen Owner and Bespoke Designer Chesterfield House Qld.”
Australasian Timber Flooring Association
Учебные заведения и ассоциации Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU
10 ноября 2015 г.
“Everybody likes a success story, and I would suggest that if you want to be part of one you should ensure that your timber flooring installation and finishing is carried out by an accredited ATFA member. These folks offer training in the latest techniques, support in business, and an information base to their member contractors that can answer any query and maximises the potential for success of any flooring project. As current members of the association we not only receive training but carry out training in our areas of expertise to ensure that as many folks as possible are up with the latest trends and products. If your looking for a low stress flooring project you really should get onto them.”
Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria
Учебные заведения и ассоциации Saint Kilda West, VIC, AU
28 августа 2016 г.
“We have been a part of SPASA for over 5 years. SPASA keeps us up to date with changes in the industry and regulations. With our busy work load it's great for us to get these updates to ensure that our work meets to most current standards and regulations. Being a high end residential pool builder and designer, it helps to be a part of SPASA to be recognised as a accredited professional pool and landscape design company.”
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