Солнечная энергия Энн-Эрандел, MD

Солнечные батареи отличное решение для частного дома на даче, если вы поклонник альтернативных источников энергии или просто не хотите ни от кого не зависеть в вопросах теплоснабжения и отопления. Это довольно дорогое удовольствие, и установка оборудования на крыше дома в городе Энн-Эрандел, MD должна осуществляться профессиональным монтажником. Поэтому вам понадобятся услуги эксперта, которому можно доверять.


Солнечная энергия Энн-Эрандел, MD: избранные отзывы

21st Century Power Solutions Llc
Солнечная энергия Энн-Эрандел, MD
1 февраля 2017 г.
“The team at 21st Century Power Solutions installed solar panels on our town home last summer. They were professional, responsive, and thorough in all stages of the project. I appreciated their willingness to answer questions and their patience as we sought to compare different product and figure out what would be best for us. After installation, someone came back and looked at the project from the aesthetic perspective. (Making sure panels were centered and that hardware was hidden.) Panel have been producing energy beautifully for 8 months now.”
Solar Solution LLC
Солнечная энергия Энн-Эрандел, MD
1 января 2016 г.
“I used Solar Solution LLC to install a 33 panel 9.9kW system on my home in August 2014. I was very particular and interviewed many companies before deciding on Solar Solution. Because I was purchasing a system, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck and the most efficient panels and solar inverter. The solar panels I wanted (LG NEON) were out of stock all over the country and very difficult to come by. I was able to find a supplier in California and Solar Solution stepped in and arranged to get them for me at a very competitive price. Their price, in fact, was WAY below all of the other solar providers I called--including some that were offering way less efficient panels. More than just a good deal on price, Solar Solution did a absolutely perfect job installing them. As a real estate agent, I've seen solar panel installations that look horrible and detract from the cosmetics of a house. Our installation was on the roof of our detached garage (see attached photo) and perfectly centered and cosmetically appealing. We've had the panels for about a year and a half now and the savings have been enormous. In fact, this year we paid roughly $300 TOTAL in electricity and that is including charging a Tesla electric car every night. I suspect that without the Tesla our electric would be free. Again, I can't say enough good things about how professional Solar Solution was and I will continue to recommend them to my clients and friends. I also want to mention that their sales people (especially Ben Breiterman) were super nice, knowledgeable and friendly.”
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