Помощь при переезде Powhatan, VA

Помощь при переезде Powhatan, VA: избранные отзывы

American Eagle Moving
Помощь при переезде Powhatan, VA
11 октября 2017 г.
“Our first move ever and it was easy with this company! We were getting a lot of different quotes from different moving companies. We decided to go with American Eagle because they appeared to be the most organized. Sales people were great. We had a feeling that we were moving with a family not just a moving company. The foreman arrived with his crew within the window time frame they gave me, since I had to reserve the elevator per my building request. They took care of my insurance for the building in advance so there was no issue with my building. Once they got to my apartment, they started to disassemble all my furniture including my bed & my bookcase, wrapping them. All fragile items were packed such as tv's & glass top tables. You worry how the move is going to be, but after they arrived and started to work you can see you are dealing with a top moving company. They did not take breaks & every item that needed special attention was packed in a special way for a very low additional charge. As for the delivery they arrived on a different day (they had to reschedule it) at the agreed time and quickly assembled everything. They delivered everything in perfect condition, did not lose a single box. I would advise to label your boxes yourself in addition to their labeling as we got someone's box but our labels helped us understand that it was not ours, and they were able to identify the owner of the other box & reassured me they would even pick it up a week later for shipment to the original owner. That is a responsible moving company as far as I am concerned. Thanks guys!!!! You were great!”
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