Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Rossford, OH

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Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Rossford, OH: избранные отзывы

Stanton Fine Furniture
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Rossford, OH
19 июля 2013 г.
“We hired Mr. Stanton to convert two pair of French doors that were 'fixed' in place since 1917 into doors we could open and close. This required finding hinges to match the house and then embedding them into the framing and attaching them to the doors. The doors needed to be prepared to receive the hinges as well. Perfectly matched! The most difficult part of the project was the installation of eight slide bolts INSIDE the doors. I don't know how he did it, but it looks as though the bolts were in there since the house was first built. Perfect fit! Mr. Stanton also had to create a threshold for both sets of doors. Again, a perfect fit. The new doors open and close smoothly, easily, and quietly. We had a third pair of French doors (that used to be the front entry to the house) installed in the living room hallway. Mr. Stanton had to adjust the opening just a little bit on each side, using matching oak and stain. These doors also work effortlessly and add a beautiful new dimension to our home's interior. I would recommend Mr. Stanton for any project that calls for careful consideration of old construction. He is meticulous, honest, pays very close attention to minute details, and he is humorous! :)”
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