Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США

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Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
6 июня 2017 г.
I hired Christoper to photograph some of my staging projects. He did a fantastic job! His photos are beautiful, the lighting is perfect and the composition is spot on. His photos are shelter magazine quality. If you are a stager, a designer or a real estate agent, Christopher should be on your list for great design and real estate photos.
Jeri Koegel Photography
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
24 октября 2012 г.
I started working with Jeri a few years ago and now she is the only photographer I use. She is professional, prompt, and takes BEAUTIFUL photographs. I recently won 2 awards using pictures taken by Jeri. She's fantastic!
Michael Alan Kaskel
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
27 мая 2015 г.
Mike has taken the photos for many of the rooms I have posted to Houzz. I appreciate how conscientious he is of the total picture. He always takes the time to get the lighting perfect and knows when to add or subtract ornaments from the composition.
Luke Gibson Photography
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
6 марта 2013 г.
We are architects and interior designers in So Cal and Luke has photographed several of our projects w/ great success. In fact, two of the projects of ours that he shot ended up published in a magazine. He's a nice, hard-working guy and very easy to work with, both during the shoot and the post editing process.
Agnieszka Jakubowicz PHOTOGRAPHY
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
10 марта 2015 г.
Agnieszka understood immediately that as the architect for the arch, I wanted to be involved with the initial viewpoints to be chosen to photograph the San Jose Little Italy Arch. She courteously allowed me to be with her during the photo session and discussed every angle, time of the day, better lighting and patiently she chose several very interesting views. Beyond that Agnieszka went to the site several other times to make sure she would capture the perfect illumination, the right car parked below it, changing colors due to the weather. Her dedicated professionalism then went on to show on the post-production phase, when she eliminated all the disturbing elements such as power lines, utilities in the way. All that with a very enthusiastic and proactive attitude, and very important for me, understanding of architecture. I am very happy with the resulting images.
Morgan Howarth Photography
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
8 марта 2013 г.
Our design build firm, Gilday Renovations, has been using Morgan's services for years. Every project, including both interiors and exteriors, has been shot with a keen eye and the utmost professionalism. Morgan's approach is part art and part science (which is necessary with architectural photography), and his experience is invaluable. He knows exactly the the right light and angle, and with his organizational skills, no time is wasted. And as a bonus, he is very personable, which makes an all-day photo shoot fun. We will continue to use his services without question!
Tommy Daspit Photographer
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
18 декабря 2014 г.
Tommy has performed tremendous work for us in capturing our real estate in its best medium and circumstance. Upon receipt of our first project together, literally almost fell out of the chair when I received the portfolio...Unreal talent. He has always gone above and beyond with placing/staging the canvas of the house with a focus on appeal. Delivery and expectations have been exceedingly met each and every time. We are extremely privileged to have Tommy as an integral part of our marketing of real estate.
Regan Wood Photography
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
22 декабря 2014 г.
We hired Regan to photograph a couple of recently completed design projects. Not only does she have a phenomenal eye and was able to suggest angles and detail shots that really captured the essence of our style, but she also was open-minded and willing to listed to our specific needs and directions (even when they turned out to be wrong and her ideas were better!) We'll definitely work with her again.
Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
21 октября 2013 г.
Absolutely the best real estate photographers in Austin. Allison and her crew are incredible. A listing is not complete unless Twist Tours Photography has put their touch on it!
trueONE Group, LLC
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы США
27 октября 2016 г.
Lawrence Monis of trueONE has been excellent to work with on several different types of projects varying from real estate photography, headshots, video and events. His level of service is top notch, attention to detail is great and the turn around time to get photos back is very quick. He is easy to work with and extremely accommodating. He comes highly recommended whenever the opportunity arises.
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