Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK

Отделочные работы — это хоть и не самый сложный этап ремонта, он все же требует достаточно времени и усилий. Чтобы сохранить нервы и время, а также удостовериться в качестве проделанной работы — обратитесь за помощью к профессиональным малярам, бригадам или мастерам, предоставляющим услуги по покраске стен и потолков, поклейке обоев, отделке стен и фасадов декоративной штукатуркой, шпатлевке стен, грунтовании и оштукатуривании поверхностей в городе Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK. Просматривайте портфолио экспертов, читайте отзывы, задавайте интересующие вас вопросы и легко связывайтесь с понравившимися вам мастерами! Еще

Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK: избранные отзывы

Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
11 января 2018 г.
“Great products with the best range of colours in the business. Always reliable. My first choice of paints for all my client projects”
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
12 июня 2014 г.
“We really enjoyed collaborating with Ashley for our 2014 Design Lab. From start to finish she was extremely professional, enthusiastic and upfront. She instantly understood our brief, was both inquisitive and sensitive about the brand and our customers, and has created a pattern that is both beautiful and commercial – which is no mean feat for even the most experienced designer. We are delighted with Ashley’s Wisteria pattern and have every confidence in its success. Ashley is an innovative up-and-coming talent and is definitely one to watch.”
DoDeco ADInteriors by Dominique Zanotto
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
21 февраля 2018 г.
“We hired Dominique for some extensive work to decorate our shop in January. Not only did she do the decorating, she also created several wall murals which are the pride of the shop today she is meticulous and her attention to detail is excellent. I highly recommend her for decorating and artwork.”
Laura Felicity Design
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
29 июня 2016 г.
“Laurafelicity’s collection of wallpaper is just beautiful. I love the bespoke nature of her wallpaper. Everything is hand-made which meant I was able to have some input in the design, making it feel much more personal. The wallpaper was easy to put up, and Laura was always willing to answer any questions that we had. Laura provided an excellent service, friendly and professional- I highly recommend her services! I am so happy with my bedroom, the wallpaper has given it the elegant, luxurious look I was after.”
Decora Cement
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
28 февраля 2018 г.
“The Decora team did an excellent job at micro-cementing our bathroom: They have a great attention to detail and make every effort to deliver a precise and high-quality job. I must also highlight that they were really flexible with planning the start and end of the project according to our requirements (for example, they were willing to work late to make sure they finish at the date we wanted, which we much appreciated). They also kept us well informed about the overall progress of the work and kept the workspace tidy throughout.”
Annie Sloan Interiors
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
30 января 2018 г.
“This woman is amazing, her paint is beautiful, versatile and quality to use, her business ethos is so inclusive and supportive and we love Annie Sloan.”
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
25 февраля 2016 г.
“We got our bathroom done by studio 198, and it is amazing. They were helpful and have lots of exciting ideas and designs, I highly reccommend them if you are looking for a touch of luxury in your house.”
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
31 июля 2015 г.
“Annette had the right wallpaper for us, she’s very service minded and quick in response. We are very pleased with the end results. We highly recommend ATADesigns. Peter Mork, Sweden”
Ella Doran
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
14 июля 2017 г.
“I have 2 sets of Ella's blinds. One set in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. From a design point of view, they speak for themselves and from a more practical point of view, the mechanisms work really well. I use both sets of blinds everyday and they feel solid and comfortable to use, unlike many other blinds. Ella is very professional and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend Ella's blinds.”
Pro Painting Limited
Отделочные материалы Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK
11 марта 2019 г.
“I highly recommend Pro Painting Limited. The quality of the work is amazing and no mess with the carpets, furniture etc... The prices are also accessible and really worthy. Working like professionals, will definitely call you again in the future..”
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