Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA

Качественно проделанные кровельные работы и монтаж водосточных и дренажных систем — одни из главных составляющих любого дома. Профессионально выполненный монтаж и ремонт кровли и водосточных труб позволит избежать намокания стен, и предотвратить цоколь и фундамент здания от размывания и последующего разрушения и поможет сохранить внешний вид дома в идеальном состоянии независимо от количества дождей и снегопадов. На Houzz вы можете найти профессиональных специалистов по монтажу, утеплению и ремонту плоской (мягкой) и скатной кровли крыш, а также установке или монтажу водосточных систем и желобов в городе Millwood, VA. Еще
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Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA: избранные отзывы

Hill Roofing Corporation
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
26 сентября 2018 г.
Hill Roofing was one of 8 or 9 contractors to provide estimates on my roof. I chose Hill based on past recommendations of customers and their prices. I was amazed. They did an EXECELENT job, protected my home and yard and finished up in one day. No leaks over a period of a year. Perfect job and I saved THOUSANDS over the other estimates. You can get other roofers but you CAN'T get a better job and you'll pay a LOT more for your work. Go with Hill you'll never regret it.
DryHome Roofing & Siding, Inc.
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
28 июля 2014 г.
DryHome did my roof and was awesome to work with. His guys showed up when promised, kept the site clean and free of nails, and did a great job. Plan on having them do my windows next.
Gutterman Services Inc
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
11 октября 2013 г.
Contacted Gutterman Services to inspect gutters following a cleaning from another firm. The other firm claimed I needed new gutters with a hefty price quote. Upon inspection, Gutterman explained that the hangers, while a good design, were damaged in some areas (likely from a heavy load like a chunk of ice) causing a belly issue with the existing gutter. Gutterman came out and rehung/sloped the troubled gutter with new hangers plus recommended installation of gutter guard on this gutter and on another gutter which I knew consistently clogs from leaves. After hearing Gutterman's estimate to do the cleaning at a future date, it was a no brainer to install these guards now and reduce the need for bi-annual cleanings (or perhaps any) on only about 20% of my gutters which have a chance to get clogged. It was refreshing to hear that Gutterman wants to sell workable solutions to customers - NOT make money on periodic (or unnecessary) cleanings. Gutterman also repaired a roof water runoff area which was damaging the HardiPlank siding. Quick install of a small gutter with direct downspout to the next gutter was the fix, along with a new coat of paint on the siding. They need a little work on centralizing communications back to the customer to reduce redundant calls. I received back to back calls on the day before the estimate day, and then again before the installation day. I am not complaining about "over" notification - but it makes you wonder if the left hand knows what the right is doing. Did not affect quality and timeliness of work. I recommend this local company highly over any national chain.
Augustine Roofing LLC
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
29 марта 2017 г.
We contacted a number of roofing contractors when we needed to replace our roof. Bill Augustine came over personally and walked us through what needed to be done--and what didn't. When rain delayed the project unexpectedly, his team was over with tarps to protect our house within seemingly minutes. Every speck of debris was removed and all that was left was a beautiful new roof. After years of terror every time the wind picked up thinking of the shingles I would find on my lawn, I sleep soundly through even the heaviest downpour.
Peak Roofing Contractors
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
24 января 2014 г.
Most importantly, the repair man was on time and very polite. Gave me an estimate for roof leak repair and took the time to explain the problem and various options. Also, answered my questions on several other reapirs I was considereing and gave me an estimate on additional repairs to add gutters covers. The company followed up with a polite email to make sure I had no additional questions. Would definitely recommend to friends.
C2 Operations
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
9 сентября 2016 г.
I contacted C2 operations because my daughter had a very good experience with Chris installing windows and doors. C2 did an excellent job putting on a new roof on my home. The crew was great and there was constant supervision. The work was done on time, and at the agreed upon cost. C2's estimate was one of the lowest that I received. Best news and with the recent torrential rains everything is tight and dry. Highly recommend C2 operations.
Style Roofing
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
2 февраля 2014 г.
I hired Style Roofing to replace the roofing on my home. The did an excellent job. New roof looks really nice. They also painted the vents and attic fan to match the roof color. They could have done a better job with the magnetic sweep around the house after the job. Since I have a small child, I did a magnetic sweep my self after the job was done and found a bunch of roofing nails. Overall, I recommend Style Roofing for their workmanship and competitive pricing.
Katchmark Construction
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
24 августа 2012 г.
Used them to replace our roof after a hailstorm and also to replace couple of windows. They are extremely professional and very fair priced. Will definitely use them again and recommend to friends.
Englewood Metal Roofing
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
31 октября 2019 г.
Beau and his highly skilled team removed and replaced my standing seam metal roof. My project was highly complicated at about 6000 sq ft with 45 facets. Englewood met all schedules and deadlines. Excellent workmanship at a competitive price. I highly recommend Englewood for complicated projects
KPM Home Improvement L.L.C.
Кровля и водостоки Millwood, VA
29 апреля 2016 г.
This company has built a deck on my house, installed wood floors in my kitchen, repaired drywall, replaced my bathroom floor, installed an attic door with pull down ladder, installed a storm door and a few other small jobs. Always did excellent work. Reasonable rates. Very professional.
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