Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC

Подобрать готовую корпусную мебель, которая бы идеально подходила для вашей квартиры и отвечала всем вашим запросам, необычайно сложно. Часто, покупая готовую мебель, нам приходится жертвовать какими-то из желаемых характеристик. Но делать это совершенно не обязательно! Изготовление мебели на заказ решит все проблемы! На Houzz вы можете найти опытных специалистов, мебельные фабрики и компании, занимающиеся ремонтом и изготовлением корпусной мебели на заказ по вашим индивидуальным размерам и проектам. Если вам нужен встроенный шкаф купе под индивидуальный проект в прихожую, детскую или гостиную, или же необходимо отремонтировать старую корпусную мебель, на Houzz вы найдете лучших мастеров в городе Portage-du-Fort, QC. Еще

Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC: избранные отзывы

Natasha Nash
Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC
12 марта 2015 г.
“I highly recommend Natasha Nash as a professional kitchen designer and planner, not only is she an expert in her field, she also takes great care and pride in her work and is able to stay within budget. She can foresee how the design will turn out and is able to meet your expectations. The kitchen she designed for our cottage is beautiful, the design gives you the wow factor, I just love it, in fact she is designing our second kitchen at our home.”
Cabinet Wakefield
Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC
18 ноября 2015 г.
“John is a fine cabinetmaker from River Woodworks, who has worked on numerous projects for several clients over the years. His workmanship is amazing and his attention to detail is impeccable. He has built beautiful furniture pieces, vanities, kitchens and accessories by following my designs. He is hardworking and I enjoy working with him on my various projects, because he is a good listener who cares for what he does. I would recommend him for any size job, big or small!!”
Les Entreprises Boisseliers
Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC
14 января 2014 г.
“We hired Les Entreprises Boisseliers to renovate our kitchen. We did a full renovation including, new cabinets, flooring and wall demolition. Norm brought in a fantastic team. He guided us through the entire process with patience and good advice. He included all the items on our "kitchen wish list" and made it work beautifully in our new layout. The kitchen is not only beautiful but also more functional and fun to cook in. Most importantly, the project came in on budget and every installation was on time. We really appreciated this! Norm, thank you for such a positive experience! And of course, for our stunning new kitchen. We love it!”
Peter E. Sylvestre & Sons
Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC
1 сентября 2015 г.
“Initially I chose P.E.Sylvestre & Sons to assist with a kitchen rennovation. However as the project expanded I realized that Jeff was familiar with all the trades and he expertly helped to establish timelines and in reality was the project manager. When our windows were installed I wasn't happy with how another company used molding to cover the seams. Jeff was aware of a company in Montreal and the finished product was exactly the look I had hoped for. Every night the house was left clean and hazard free and the job was completed in the time that had been estimated. We continue to be very happy with the quality of the products we received, the workmanship and the service provided.”
Karhu Fine Cabinetry & Millwork
Корпусная мебель Portage-du-Fort, QC
6 мая 2014 г.
“Outstanding craftsmanship, precise attention to detail and prompt, accurate and timely installations -it was a complete pleasure working with Karhu. They took our designs and executed them just as planned. Eric was very hands on for the this project which meant that details were relayed and executed. Highly recommend”
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