Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA

Подобрать готовую корпусную мебель, которая бы идеально подходила для вашей квартиры и отвечала всем вашим запросам, необычайно сложно. Часто, покупая готовую мебель, нам приходится жертвовать какими-то из желаемых характеристик. Но делать это совершенно не обязательно! Изготовление мебели на заказ решит все проблемы! На Houzz вы можете найти опытных специалистов, мебельные фабрики и компании, занимающиеся ремонтом и изготовлением корпусной мебели на заказ по вашим индивидуальным размерам и проектам. Если вам нужен встроенный шкаф купе под индивидуальный проект в прихожую, детскую или гостиную, или же необходимо отремонтировать старую корпусную мебель, на Houzz вы найдете лучших мастеров в городе Paradise Park, CA. Еще

Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA: избранные отзывы

Michael Glusman Fine Woodworking
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
11 августа 2016 г.
“Our kitchen remodel was years in the making. We met many contractors / cabinet makers until we could find just what we wanted for our budget. Michael was a pleasure to work with! We changed our kitchen layout & had custom hickory cabinets created & installed by Michael. Because if his years of experience, we relied on his opinion for our layout, which is above & beyond his scope. He had the best price - one bid came in double of his bid. We called his references - old & recent - and they all had amazing things to say about him. Our contractor was very impressed with his custom cabinet installation. He doesn't just do the job, he does it well. If it's not to his standard, he works on it till it's right. Always on time & always returned our emails / calls timely. I highly, highly recommend Michael.”
Signature Kitchen & Bath Design Inc.
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
10 марта 2013 г.
“Patty was great to work with. She helped me pick out what I wanted, walked me through the process so I knew exactly what to expect. Her prices were reasonable. And she's been great with follow up questions and maintenance as it happens. I've worked with her on 2 different occasions: my kitchen (big project) and master bath cabinets. I would highly recommend Signature Kitchen & Bath Design for your cabinet needs.”
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
9 ноября 2015 г.
“Aaron Robinson is excellent. He built custom cabinets and furniture for our kitchen, family room, living room, and bedrooms. Fantastic, thoughtful, custom design, impeccable craftsmanship and strong customer service. One of the very top subs we worked with when we built our new home.”
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
12 декабря 2015 г.
“Jonathan Leys, owner of Woodmaster, worked very hard to create my ideal kitchen. He listened to all of my ideas, no matter how outlandish, but never tried to talk me out of them. He would just give me a visual of how it would look so that I could make an informed decision. I really appreciated that. The other businesses I considered for the job just tried to tell me what they felt I wanted and needed. One of the first things Jonathan asked me was, "What do you want it to look like?". I was sold! He was the only one to ask that and the look and feel of the kitchen was important to me. In my opinion, he made my dream kitchen a reality. Too, I can not say enough about his professionalism and craftsmanship. My cabinets are beautiful and well made. I feel he went above and beyond all my expectations and can recommend him without hesitation.”
Strong Cabinetry
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
28 сентября 2014 г.
“Ron Strong provides professional and quality product. He custom built and installed our kitchen cabinets over 25 years ago. We recently had these same kitchen cabinets updated. The existing cabinets and doors were retained, re-sanded and painted to bring these cabinets up it up to date. He worked with our painter and between the 2 of them produced a product that was top quality!”
Kitchen Design Services
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
8 ноября 2013 г.
“I actually selected KDS from the Houzz website. Best decision ever! Kevin is very professional and was really able to bring our project to life, even better than I had envisioned it! He managed to squeeze in a good sized pantry, and here I thought I'd never get one! Kevin's website is very user friendly with a lot of before and after pics! He literally walked us through every step of the whole process helping and guiding us to make the right decisions and selections. Let me say this is a really tough and stressful process and ones always worries about making the wrong choice either in color, material or use of space. Kevin was always there to help guide us and the result is an area that we absolutely love and thoroughly enjoy!!! Kevin has a wonderful eye for color, use of space, and never tries to force his own taste on you but actually works with what you like and dislike! I can't recommend him highly enough. You'll be so happy to have him working for you! He's the best!!!!”
J.E.T. Construction
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
13 июня 2019 г.
“JET Construction was a pleaser to work with. He treated me and my clients with respect. I, as the designer in the project, ended up looking great because my design was seamlessly installed! I highly recommend Eddie for all of your high end installation needs!”
Doolittle Design Co.
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
7 июля 2015 г.
“I first contacted Doolittle Design to build me a custom desk. I wanted a desk with a clean modern design that would fit in my home office. Troy, the designer, met with me to discuss what I was looking for. I told him that I was open to the design and materials but the dimensions would have to fit a certain space in my office. He looked at my height and measured the room. We discussed the proper height based on the use of the desk. He also discussed with me the different types of reclaimed wood he either had in stock or could get if necessary. Troy came back with an illustrated design of the desk along with a sample of the reclaimed wood he chose for it. This is where it became interesting. See, Troy just doesn’t work with any type of wood he works with wood that has stories. The wood chosen for my desk was made out of reclaimed, old-growth redwood from lumber salvaged from the Lindsay Olive Company in the California’s Central Valley. The tanks that were used for soaking the olives were made of this wood. It was beautiful after Troy cleaned up and finished it. We made some adjustments and Troy went off to build the desk. I have had this desk now for several months and could not be any happier. Having a beautiful custom piece of furniture that is very pragmatic in my office not only adds to the aesthetics but also enhances my creativity and well-being. I just love all the character in the reclaimed wood. The water stains in this material are so dramatic. I just haven't seen that in other new furniture before. I would definitely recommend Doolittle Design for any of your custom furniture needs.”
Lazy Suzan Designs
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
5 июня 2015 г.
“Anne Marie was wonderful to work with! She designed the layout of our kitchen cabinets and gave suggestions when I was stuck on color to match the granite. I am so glad we used Lazy Suzan Designs in our kitchen remodel!”
Capstone Cabinets
Корпусная мебель Paradise Park, CA
4 августа 2015 г.
“Our design firm + residential clients have consistently counted on Matt and his team at Capstone Cabinets for outstanding finish work, meticulous attention to detail, clear expectations, and true customer service throughout the entire process. His shop is busy; their leadtimes reflect the demand for their beautiful work. WORTH THE WAIT!!! Craftsmanship takes time :)”
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