Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер

Гардеробные комнаты в частных домах и как больших, так и маленьких квартирах все чаще приходят на смену обычным шкафам для одежды. Современные гардеробные системы позволяют хранить все вещи в одном месте, что удобно не только с точки зрения организации, но и экономии места в квартире. На Houzz вы можете найти лучших профессионалов, специализирующихся на проектировании, изготовлении, установке и монтажу гардеробных, кладовых комнат и шкафов-купе на заказ в городе Денвер. Еще

Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер: избранные отзывы

Closet Factory - Colorado
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
22 декабря 2012 г.
“I refer all my clients to work with the Closet Factory. I have known them for years and their operation, service, and breadth of products can not be matched. Get bids from the others, but work with the Closet Factory. I can not count how many clients of mine I have sent to them.”
Amy Cloutier
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
26 августа 2019 г.
“Amy was incredibly helpful for our closet design. She’s accurate, personable and talented, and we sure appreciated the fact that she stuck to our budget availability without trying to push a higher value/price option on us. She was also very available in trouble shooting a little modification with us. We would totally recommend her!”
Garage Guru
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
29 марта 2016 г.
“Chad at Garage Guru installed shelving and wall panels with special hangers for different items in our garage. Chad first came to our home to help us plan and prioritize what was needed and give a quote. Chad was very flexible; did our project in two phases at our request. He did not pressure us to do any more than what we wanted. He is very reliable and did quality work with quality materials.”
Closet & Storage Solutions, LLC
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
5 марта 2015 г.
“I have worked with Closet & Storage Solutions on more than 1 project and have been very pleased. Carol Watts is professional and consciousness. She offers many solutions to difficult tasks. She looks out for the customer. I highly recommend working with Closet & Storage Solutions.”
Stacie Nowak @ Closet Factory (Denver)
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
18 января 2015 г.
“Stacie is a clear choice for recommending to all of my clients. Whether a home is million dollar property or a small condo, Stacie has the creativity and experience, to add the "wow factor". As a Realtor, I tell my sellers that a closet system adds a great deal of value to their home. Most importantly, Stacie has the expertise to create amazing spaces and stay on budget.”
Maureen Fancher/ Closet Factory ( Colorado)
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
17 февраля 2017 г.
“The design and installation were easy and streamlined and we love our new closet! Maureen did a great job of listening to what we wanted for a kind of small, kind of awkward space and it turned out great!”
Organization & Relocation
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
1 апреля 2015 г.
“Organization and Relocation has been of tremendous help to me and my family. In the past 6 years, Sheryl, Jennifer and the entire O&R team have been instrumental in relocating our family on more than one occasion. They have coordinated movers, packed and unpacked and organized all of our belongings throughout the entire process. They have helped devise systems within our home for organization that really work. O&R will periodically come and reorganize parts of our home and help purge the inevitable clutter that accumulates with a family with 2 children. They are sensitive, efficient, master organizers who can adapt to many different situations and needs of their clients. I can always trust that O&R will get the job done to my complete satisfaction.”
Sorted, Llc
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
16 октября 2015 г.
“Kara is amazing! I can never stop raving about how great she is to work with. We have used her at 2 houses and have been extremely pleased. With our recent move in, she came when the movers starting bringing boxes into the house, she unpacked every box they brought in and found a perfect place for everything. We were fully moved in and up and running within 3 days of the move. Kara asks for input when needed, but knows how to do her job and does so with no guidance required. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know looking for organizational help.”
Melanie Beverly, Designer: Closet Factory CO
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
7 февраля 2018 г.
“Melanie was so helpful in providing ideas and options for designing a custom desk and cabinets for a scrapbooking room in our newly finished basement. She was super friendly and very patient with all of my questions and changes to the plans throughout the design process. When the day finally arrived for installation, I was pleased with the team that did the work. They were clean, courteous, and did a great job. I am SO excited to start creating in my amazing crafting space, with drawers that will perfectly fit all of my scrapbooking supplies!”
Leslie Klinck - Closet Factory
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Денвер
26 июня 2016 г.
“We needed closet organization in our Condo and were desperately short of space. From the outset we were so pleased. We thought about our needs and Leslie advised us on some we had missed. She came and talked to us and measured the spaces available and helped us come to a decision about what would go where. Our spaces were utilized to the very max. The installation was professional and knew exactly what to do and where. The results were such a relief. Finally, we could find a home for our things. We went further and had an office niche built in each our two bedrooms. We are delighted with them. We would recommend Leslie to anyone and thank her for her professional advice. The results are great.”
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