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An award-winning online interior design & personal shopping service. Flat fee packages: £95/£195/£250 per room. ... Читать далее
  • +44 20 3904 3800
  • London EC1Y 8LP, Greater London
Our interior design service helps people to live better through interior architecture that solves problems,... Читать далее
  • +44 7912 138822
  • London EC2A 4PS, Greater London
Imperfect Interiors is a small design firm specialising in mixing traditional styles with mid-century and vintage... Читать далее
  • +44 7957 489899
  • London SE22 9DH, Greater London
LLI Design offer a comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients.... Читать далее
  • +44 20 8348 4800
  • London N6 5JW, Greater London
Modern Interiors for Modern Homes. We bring precision, beauty and understated luxury to modern residential... Читать далее
  • +44 20 3870 4427
  • London NW3 6SS, Greater London
Born & Bred Studio offers contemporary bespoke interior design…with the focus more on HOME rather than house.... Читать далее
  • +44 7732 605003
  • London NW10, Greater London
DAY TRUE is an interior design showroom based in Maida Vale. We design Day to Day spaces that are True to their... Читать далее
  • +44 20 3879 4849
  • London W9 2HD, Greater London
London's affordable and accessible interior design studio and winner of Best of Houzz for 5 years. I founded... Читать далее
  • +44 7931 303138
  • London N1 1SE, Greater London
Whether you are looking to redecorate a single space or redesign your whole home, Claudia pays exceptional... Читать далее
  • +44 20 3856 4087
  • London NW3 7EE, Greater London
Kitchen & Interior Design Consultancy specialising in small to mid-sized developments and high end residential... Читать далее
  • +44 20 7720 7859
  • London SW4 6JP, Greater London
dk INTERIORS are a London-based interior design company creating glamorous, elegant and effortlessly stylish... Читать далее
  • +44 20 3893 3292
  • London NW11 6QE, Greater London
Hampstead Design Hub is an Interior Design Studio with a comprehensive range of specialists, in-house and... Читать далее
  • +44 20 7625 2727
  • London NW6 4EL
We organise stylish and efficient property renovation projects in Central and North London. Our role is to... Читать далее
  • +44 7957 284655
  • London N1 1DH
Clare Gaskin Interiors is an award winning interior design studio based in London. Offering a personalised... Читать далее
  • +44 20 8049 7787
  • London SW15, Greater London
Studio Morton was established in 2012 by its Creative Director Clare Morton. The studio works on the design of... Читать далее
  • +44 7974 267735
  • London E8 2DS, Greater London
Дизайн интерьера – избраные отзывы в городе Лондон
My Bespoke Room
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"I recently moved to a brand new apartment from a traditional Victorian terraced house after 30 years and so I wanted something totally new and different to what I had lived with previously. My taste is not very modern at all and so I was wanting someone who could help me create a really stylish space that would still suit my tastes (quite eclectic I must add!) In addition it is a really small and compact flat and so I needed some clever thinking on how and what to use, where. I decided to try My Bespoke Room as there service felt very affordable (only £75 per room) and they agreed to come and do an on site visit for a very small additional charge. Using them meant that I could still be in control of what was ordered and my budget, as they just gave me all the tools which saved me loads of time. I was so excited to see it transform that I kept updating them and I really felt they were as excited as I was and really into the project too which was really nice! I got on really well with both of them straight away and was really impressed with what they came up with. It is such a slick an easy service and their virtual moodboard is really cool. It covered everything from paint colours, wallpaper to furniture and finishing touches, including coat hooks and an umbrella stand! This was money well spent and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for some help in designing and furnishing their homes. Well done girls!!!"
- fernandamacleod
Kia Designs
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"I had a very inspirational consultation with Kia at the Ideal Home Show. In less than half an hour, Kia solved my puzzle and sketched out a viable solution for my living space. Many thanks for your time and wonderful suggestions!"
- Liliana Vance
Imperfect Interiors
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"'Beth has been absolutely amazing to work with over the last 6 months during my flat renovation and redecoration, from the start of my journey through to the end. Mood boards, advice and access to her impressive knowledge of all things interiors gave me complete faith and confidence in the works being carried out. She has proved with the right guidance that great interiors can be achievable and has made my dream flat a reality and a completely different space to live in which works perfectly for me. Beth is full of clever ideas and fantastic tips and i am grateful to her for making the decision process stress free and actually quite enjoyable."
- neneelsie
LLI Design
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"LLI Design have commissioned me to photograph a number of their projects. I have always enjoyed working with them and admired their sense of style, use of colour and understanding of space, form and function."
- Alex Maguire Photography
Black and Milk | Interior Design | London
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"Very functional and well-designed studio: smart use of space with plenty of storage. Living area is pleasant, with a large sofa, comfortable working space and an additional compact table that could extend to a 2m dining table. The murphy bed above the sofa is easy to use, large and very cosy. When lying in bed watching the large flat screen TV on the opposite wall, you feel like you are in a pretty and serene hotel room Bathroom is a very good size, clean and new. The kitchen is fully equipped and very bright, featuring a sliding door that could be closed when cooking A very tastefully decorated studio which makes truly impressive use of space: comfortable, functional and pleasant to spend time in. And very importantly, wonderful landlords who responded to my every need in no time. Thank you!"
- moomin12
Born & Bred Studio
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"There is so much to commend Born and Bred Studio that it’s difficult to know where to start. Lisa lives and breathes design, it’s not so much a passion or an expertise but a true vocation. For novices like myself, she manages to make interior design accessible, affordable and user friendly. She listened intently and worked hard to understand the practical needs of our house and also our aspirations for the space which was nothing more than shell, practically untouched for 60 years. She took on board our ideas, improved them - often suggesting something different that we would never have originally considered - and delivered plans that have far surpassed our expectations. Crucially, Lisa isn’t just an ideas person. She has many practical skills from upholstery and curtain making to screen printing which she put to good use in the house. She is also an absolute magpie and never failed to amaze us the her ebay, gumtree and car boot sale finds. This was not only gentle on our budget but has resulted in a house that’s not ubiquitous and that is now really starting to feel like home. Completely, 100% 5 stars *****"
- louoshea
Day True Architectural Interiors
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"It has been an absolute joy to work alongside Day True in designing and creating our latest range; W9. With their studio based in Maida Vale, the eclectic industrial essence of the city is evident throughout the design. With such a distinctive look we are very excited to tailor this collection for Day True. We have every confidence that their future designs will be as inspirational as their previous work through the years we have worked together. For these reasons we would highly recommend Day True."
- Davonport
Honey Bee Interiors
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"Sacha helped us with a big design/renovation project this year, when we extended our house. We met her when we bought a lovely Stag chandelier, and she then helped us on a bigger design project. She worked closely with us to come up with brilliant ideas that took the sort of things we liked and translated them into a unique design that was just to our taste - but we could never have actually made happen ourselves! She also took the stress out of what should have been a nightmare project, as my husband and I both work and we have small children. Would recommend highly for Interior projects, or Chandeliers."
- lucybanks
Claudia Dorsch Interior Design Ltd
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"Claudia is a consummate professional. Her ideas and taste are original, beautiful and creative. The end-design does not look like it's been ripped out of an interior magazine but rather something unique that reflected our lifestyle and taste . She tirelessly goes to every significant fair and expo to keep her ideas fresh, explores all options before laying out her proposal to the client and is incredibly receptive to feedback. No detail is spared. But above all, her legacy is to create a home; comfort and functionality with great great style. I can’t recommend her highly enough. K Louis NW3, London"
- kyo_choi
Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy
Дизайн интерьера в городе Лондон
"I have worked on numerous projects with Chantel Elshout over many years. Each experience has been trouble free and enjoyable and I would not hesitate to recommend her or indeed the company to anyone."
- romilly2000
Укажите здесь данные о своей компании – Узнать подробности
Дизайн интерьера квартиры или дома — это очень ответственное занятие, которому следует уделить особое внимание, ведь от него будет зависеть комфорт и уют в вашем доме. Если вы точно знаете, к чему вы стремитесь в стилистическом и функциональном плане, и четко можете себе представить завершенный вариант, полагайтесь на свое видение и фантазию! Если же вы только приблизительно знаете, чего хотите от ремонта вашего дома, у вас есть идеи дизайна и декора квартиры, но вы не уверены, как воплотить их в жизнь, или же площадь жилого пространста усложняет положение вещей и ваша грандиозная задумка не помещается в маленькую комнату или квартиру — вам нужен хороший дизайнер интерьера! Если заказать дизайн-проект квартиры или дома у профессионала, вы сможете воплотить свои самые смелые идеи в реальность!
Давайте же поговорим о том, как и где найти лучшего дизайнера интерьеров для вашей квартиры в городе Лондон, в какую студию дизайна обратиться и как понять, подходит ли тот или иной специалист по декору именно вам.

Сколько стоят услуги дизайнера интерьеров в городе Лондон?

К сожалению, однозначного ответа на этот вопрос нет, все зависит от индивидуального заказа. Стоимость разработки дизайн-проекта интерьера зависит от многих факторов, таких как площадь помещения, сложность работы, выбранный стиль и так далее. Интересоваться ценой проекта можно уже с первых встреч со специалистом. Заранее спросите, что именно входит в стоимость работ: планировочное решение квартиры, подбор материалов и мебели, 3D визуализация проекта, набор планов и чертежей для выполнения ремонтных работ и авторский надзор. Узнайте о любых дополнительных затратах, которые не входят в приобретенный вами “пакет услуг.”

Как заказать дизайн-проект квартиры или дома в городе Лондон?

Все очень просто - вы можете просто посмотреть список дизайнеров и декораторов, представленных на этой странице, изучить готовые выполненные дизайн-проекты и подобрать того, ко вам по душе. На страничке профессионала вы можете связаться с ним напрямую и узнать о стоимости дизайн-проекта и рекомендациях для вашего конктретного случая, а также заказать дизайн.

Где искать специалиста по декору и дизайну интерьеров?

При поиске дизайнера интерьеров, многие полагаются на рекомендации знакомых и друзей, но здесь следует быть осторожным, ведь ваши вкусы и ценовые категории могут не совпадать. Другой распространенный и очень удобный вариант — обратиться в студию дизайна интерьеров. В интернете можно найти множество современных дизайн студий и бюро и выбрать ту, которая подойдет вам по всем категориям. Если вам нужна консультация или помощь в составлении дизайн-проекта квартиры, но нанять профессионала вам не по карману, воспользуйтесь помощью начинающего специалиста — его услуги обойдутся вам недорого. Однако не стоит думать, что качество работы при этом будет на низком уровне, для начинающих специалистов, которые еще не наработали впечатляющего портфолио, каждый проект на счету, так что вашему заказу, безусловно, будет уделено много внимания.

Просматривайте профили лучших дизайнеров интерьеров в городе Лондон на Houzz.ru: читайте отзывы, оценивайте портфолио и фото реализованных проектов и легко связывайтесь с понравившимися вам специалистами в области дизайна интерьеров и декора. Заказать дизайн-проект интерьера просто с Houzz!
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