Детские и пеленальные Star, Somerset, UK

И медики и психологи рекомендуют обставлять детскую комнату мебелью из натурального дерева, и приобретать текстиль для малышей, который не вызовет аллергий или опрелостей. В этом разделе вы можете пообщаться со специалистами по товарам для малышей и магазинами детской мебели в городе Star, Somerset, UK. Специалисты расскажут о методах производства их товаров, материалах, которые используются и ответят на все ваши вопросы.

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Детские и пеленальные Star, Somerset, UK: избранные отзывы

Tigerplay at Home
Детские и пеленальные Star, Somerset, UK
2 дек. 2014 г.
“The team designed an incredible soft play zone for our 11month old, who is extremely active and adventurous! From the very first contact, Dan at TigerPlay (at home) was fully committed to creating exactly the right space and work with me on a budget, which was quite tight considering the space they were working with, and the high expectations I had. I have to say they delivered on the design and budget, and over delivered on the installation, quality and level of care and attention to detail and service. I'm already planning additions to the soft play area under the guidance of Ian and Dan to develop the space in line with his development, and looking forward to creating the outdoor adventure park next year! I spoke to every company in the uk that offer this service and I would never use anyone but Tigerplay@Home.”
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