Беседки и веранды Northwood, OH

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Беседки и веранды Northwood, OH: избранные отзывы

Outdoor Living Design & Products
Беседки и веранды Northwood, OH
21 января 2014 г.
“I had the pleasure of working with Frankie and his crew a few summers ago and was very pleased with the beginning sketches down to the final product. If solicited, he is happy to provide guidance as to how to lower the cost or what not to change. Overall, the quality of the job was superb and we use our patio every chance we get. I highly recommend working with Frankie.”
Signature Decks
Беседки и веранды Northwood, OH
24 июля 2013 г.
“I was able to have Justus Lambros, owner, come to our cottage. I liked that he is the only one who goes on his calls. No salesmen. We were ready for a deck to be built. A very large deck. I didn't want a plain old square deck. But my husband did. Something cheap and fast to build. We saw pictures of the decks Justus built, they were gorgeous. Too expensive looking my husband said. I called and talked to Justus. Told him my problem and he said would be more than happy to see our cottage to give us some ideas. Even though the cottage was an hour and a half away. When he arrived he understood reason for a square deck:( BUT, he told me about a design he could do that would also give it some character. It was ugly plain square like hubby wanted with a step down to a beautiful octagon shaped deck that I instantly fell in love with. Justus was so kind and down to earth. I felt that he truly listened and cared about our opinions. I would recommend him to everyone!!! He makes you feel like your his friend and he loves to hear your thoughts.”
LivingSpace Sunrooms
Беседки и веранды Northwood, OH
24 октября 2014 г.
“Living Space offers by far the best sunroom product that I have ever been involved with. The customer service is second to none. Any questions that we may have, are answer quickly and personally by the sales, design, or production staff. Kudos to Kraig, Mike, Jake, Brianna, and all who produce such an incredible product.”
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