Строительство бань и саун Денвер

Специалисты по баням и саунам в городе Денвер с этой страницы помогут вам со строительством бани, установкой бани бочки или даже устройством сауны в квартире! Еще

Строительство бань и саун Денвер: избранные отзывы

Diamond Spas
Строительство бань и саун Денвер
26 сентября 2012 г.
“I am with Great Plains Construction and worked with Diamond Spas on a project at Blue Creek Lodge in Western Nebraska. We gave them the specs and they custom built an octagon hot tub out of copper. It is a very unique product and the clients are especially satisfied. Diamond Spas is a pleasure to work with and are highly recommended.”
IHT - International Hot Tub
Строительство бань и саун Денвер
1 июня 2018 г.
“We've been going back to the Boulder store for years since we got our tub from IHT Denver. Chris Pinter has always taken the time to help and give us straight forward advice without feeling like we're getting pitched. Recently he took the time and listened to how we use our tub, and helped us re-do our chemical plan to better suit our needs and usage. It's been great and saves us time, and our water is much better now. Thanks Chris!”
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