Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU

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Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU: избранные отзывы

Windiate Architects
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
16 февраля 2015 г.
“Windiate Architects were engaged to design, provide drawings and documents, tender to builders and then manage the building contract for the renovation of our single front 2 bedroom Victorian property into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property. Gary was very professional, experienced, positive, enthusiastic and had lots of great idea's. The design process was very well done, with some great concepts that reflected what we wanted, but also challenged and provided more than we had or could have considered ourselves. Gary's experiences also enabled us to have confidence in the selection of many items (materials, paints, finishes, fittings) that took a lot of stress out of the renovation process. Thoroughly recommend!”
Ardent Architects Pty Ltd
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
22 июня 2015 г.
“Justin and the team at Ardent Architects have been absolutely fabulous to work with. They could understand the vision we had in our head and translate it to paper without our ability to articulate it properly. They gave us exactly what we wanted and more, the result far exceeded our expectations and we WILL be using them in the future. Ongoing site visits meant that during construction they were able to tweek our finishes and enhance the ambiance of the final product! They were always available to do resolve build-ability queries and talk us though new materials and finishes we had not considered. Our house looks stunning and we are constantly receiving compliments on the design. We have been asked so many times who the Architect is that we put a sign on the fence. The team at Ardent Architects were able to all of our rather large wish list in the extensive renovation and importantly they have added immense value to the finished product. The wall of glazing and the void are a few of my favorite features and the volumes of the rooms have created just the look and feel we were hoping to achieve.”
Positive Footprints Pty Ltd
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
15 ноября 2014 г.
“Positive Footprints have done an outstanding job from the design stage right through to the building process. The house is on a small inner city block, with heritage and overlooking restrictions. My brief was for a sustainable house, with flexible spaces, outdoor vistas; which was light filled and capitalized on its northern sunny orientation. Extending only two meters kept the garden as large as possible. Three upstairs decks increase outdoor living, cross ventilation and the vistas of sky. Positive Footprints were professional, open and helpful; and provided impeccable craftsmanship. They enabled me to incorporate my mosaic tile designs, the use of unusual materials and other personal interior design choices. A melding of their inspired, sustainable design and my creative input, has resulted in a beautiful and comfortable house which is a pleasure to live in.”
Mihaly Slocombe
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
25 марта 2014 г.
“PROJECT MARCH 2014 We have been absolutely delighted by the total experience associated with the design, implementation and in the end, the completion of our remarkable "Hill House”. A day doesn’t go by without a sense of contentment as I smile at some design feature that just makes “sense” or an aspect of how we enjoy living in this space and place – it just “works”! We were absolutely delighted with the experience of designing our house with Mihaly Slocombe. The project is true to the importance we place on environmental sustainability, aesthetics and the clever use of amenity. In the end, the integrity of the creative design is a source of enduring pleasure to us. UPDATED JULY 2016 As our family expanded to the next generation [of grandchildren], we decided to return to the Architects who designed our family home, to create a suitable extension. The brief had been to create something complimentary to the existing design, be playful, functional, environmentally efficient and still aesthetically compatible with the existing home. To our immense delight, despite the obvious challenges and complexity to meet all aspects of the brief, all our expectations were not only met – but superbly exceeded. The project was implemented with a deft efficiency and professionalism and remained on budget and true to brief. What more could we ask for? Whilst I can’t imagine a further extension being required – if it was, I know exactly where I’d go!”
RBD Residential Building Design
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
15 августа 2019 г.
“Tim, Craig and Maria at Residential Building Design are highly skilled professionals who go above and beyond to get the job done, on time and budget. Thanks team for all your hard work and efforts to date.”
Studio Ester
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
4 ноября 2018 г.
“I have no hesitation in recommending Studi Esther. We worked with Anna and Kathleen over a two year period when we renovated a very old Melbourne terrace and are extremely pleased with the result. We praise their skill on almost a daily basis as we go about living in the new and very beautiful spaces they brought into existence. In addition to being greatly impressed by their exceptional talent and design skills, we were very grateful for the professional commitment Studi Esther made to see every stage of the work through to the highest standard.”
Gardiner Architects
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
21 сентября 2014 г.
“Worked with Paul and Mel on a partial redesign of our house - a knock down of the back portion and a rebuild to transform a small 1880s worker's terrace into a modern light filled, stylish and spacious 21st century home. The pair exceeded expectations on the design: they took all our 'nice to haves' and added them in with the 'must haves'. I feel they truly understood our vision from the outset, so that what we ended up with is simply perfect.”
Ben Callery Architects
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
15 мая 2015 г.
“Ben Designed two houses for me in Alphington. I am currently living in house 1 and building house 2. Ben was a joy to work with! He was very flexible but gently reined me in when I was getting too fanciful. He has the ability to listen carefully to the brief and come up with practical and beautiful solutions. House 1 is a joy to live in - everything is so well designed that it works brilliantly. There are a couple of features that make the house extra special - they weren't particularly expensive but really added value to the house. He created an energy-efficient, peaceful environment that everyone enjoys. I can't wait to move into House 2!”
Mesh Design Projects
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
21 августа 2016 г.
“I am currently working with Matthew Duignan at Mesh Design and find them to be highly professional and very attentive to detail. His team is always there to help and be of assistance with all the details. I highly recommend Matthew and his team at Mesh design.”
Melbourne Design Studios (MDS)
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Northcote, VIC, AU
21 апреля 2016 г.
“Our experience with MDS was fantastic. They explained the process clearly and engaged with us at every step along the way. When there was the inevitable minor problems with our build MDS were there quickly to ensure that it was dealt with quickly, which greatly reduced our stress. If I renovate or build again I'd hope to use MDS again.”
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