Ty Loyola Design
For nearly twenty five years, Ty Loyola and his skilled craftsman have been building fine furniture. In the shadow of the Wasatch Mountain Range, in a small shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, they are hard at work - crafting furniture in a wide range of style and design. From Old World European elegance to the stream lined contemporary form - anything and everything is possible. From a simple, small end table to an extraordinary masterpiece... Ty Loyola Design can design and build exactly what you are looking for. Specializing in custom furniture each piece is built to the the highest level of quality with exceptional attention to every detail. Ty would welcome the opportunity to work with you... making every effort to meet your budget while designing the perfect piece of furniture... carefully crafted to meet your expectations.
Предоставляемые услуги:

Fine crafted handmade furniture

География работ:

Can ship furniture anywhere in the United States!

Связаться:Ty and Kim Loyola
Расположение:2555 E Haven Lane
Holladay, UT 84117