The Garden Design Company has been designing and creating gardens since 1992. Whether you are looking for a few ideas for a town house garden or a complete makeover over of a country estate we can create an inspirational garden.

As well designing inspirational gardens in-house, we have worked with the likes of Jo Alderson-Phillips, Dan Pearson, Paul Shaw, Jane Thomas and Martin Lane-Fox as illustrated by our extensive portfolio.

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Oxfordshire, Berkshire, London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire
Связаться: Rob Jones
Расположение: Goring, Berkshire RG8 9ED
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Rob Jones
07973 261852
Комментарий в: what plants are these lollypop trees? Ligustrum jonandrum; do e mail me if you are interested in any; they are hardy need clipping twice a year, will loose some leaves over winter if clipped too hard too late bu...
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Комментарий в: My backyard Hi there thanks for the Q.... the Hosta was Sielboldiana and is slug free purely because we use nematodes EARLY in the season. We created the garden in 2009 albeit we are still developing areas, but ...
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