In 1977 this family business set out with a goal to establish a market-leading Irish kitchen brand: Kitchen World. The values were simple - to provide the best designed products at prices to suit all budgets. Designer kitchens you can afford!

From our head quarters at Longmile road using the latest technology we have developed a bespoke 3D design system. This allows the designers in all our showrooms, throughout Ireland to bring your dream kitchen bedroom or sliding wardrobe to life in 3D imagery

Предоставляемые услуги
Kitchen Design and Fit | Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

География работ
Dublin | Kildare | Cork | Waterford
Расположение: Drogheda
Средняя стоимость работ: €2,500 - €50,000
Pricing is tailored to the project you are looking to complete. Please contact directly for exact pricing.