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Golden Trowel Award, Garden Design Magazine
Связаться: Jeffrey Bale
Расположение: 1222 N.E. Failing Street
Portland, OR 97212
Средняя стоимость работ: 10 000 USD - 10 000 USD
Комментарий в: where do you get the stones from and how much I sorted these from pebbles labeled as "Montana Rainbow Mix" from a local stone sales yard in Portland, Oregon.
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Комментарий в: Are the larger stones cemented first? I use Type S Mortar. Concrete isn't good for setting stone. I laid the pavers on compacted crushed gravel with a thin layer of mortar on top of that and leveled them with spacers to make sure the ga...
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Комментарий в: Bonding agent Type S Mortar, premixed by the bag. Just add water and stir...
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Комментарий в: What kind and size pebbles. Also what mortar used? So beautiful These are 1 inch Mexican Beach Pebbles. I set them in Type S Mortar
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Комментарий в: hi, i really like this outdoor carpet! do you varnish I never use varnish, I like how the colors change when it rains. Varnish looks fake to me.
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Комментарий в: What are these small colored stones ? Pebbles
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