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We are an architectural & design studio focused on delivering whole-cycle design & construction. We specialise in responsive architectural design solutions & ethical home furnishings. We call this approach "whole cycle" design and feel that by knowing a material's past and thinking responsibly about it's potential, we are able to bring history into play with the present and onwards into the future.
Предоставляемые услуги:

Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Custom Homes, Floor Plans, Heritage Building Conservation, Home Additions, Home Renovation, House Plans, Kitchen Design, New Home Construction, Sustainable Design

География работ:



Registered Architect

Связаться:Zander Ricketson
Расположение:PO Box, 171, Bondi, 2026
sydney, New South Wales 2026
Профессиональная информация:
Средняя стоимость работ:250 000 AUD - 1 500 000 AUD