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Пример оригинального дизайна: маленький коридор в стиле фьюжн с разноцветными стенами, темным паркетным полом и коричневым полом для на участке и в саду
PlaidFox Studio
PlaidFox Studio
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Yaletown Penthouse - Hall

Acting as a blank canvas, this compact Yaletown condo and its gutsy homeowners welcomed our kaleidoscopic creative vision and gave us free reign to funk up their otherwise drab pad. Colorless Ikea sofas and blank walls were traded for ultra luxe, Palm-Springs-inspired statement pieces. Wallpaper, painted pattern and foil treatments were used to give each of the tight spaces more 'larger-than-life' personality. In a city surrounded yearly with grey, rain-filled clouds and towers of glass, the overarching goal for the home was building upon a foundation of fun! In curating the home's collection of eccentric art and accessories, nothing was off limits. Each piece was handpicked from up-and-coming artists' online shops, local boutiques and galleries. The custom velvet, feather-filled sectional and its many pillows was used to make the space as much for lounging as it is for looking. Since completion, the globe-trotting duo have continued to add to their newly designed abode - both true converts to the notion that sometimes more is definitely more.