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Пример оригинального дизайна: гостиная комната в скандинавском стиле
Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, Inc.
Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, Inc.
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Swedish Style Scandinavian Modern Kilim Rugs

Scandinavian kilims and Swedish rugs have the unique ability to harmonize effortlessly with many different interior design styles: Hygge, Organic Modern, New Nordic, Contemporary, Danish Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Cubism, Folk Art, Nomadic, and Industrial. Incorporating warp strands and tightly interwoven wefts, Scandinavian kilim rugs use colorfully designed wool for weft strands, making them highly desired by collectors and interior designers. In addition to abundant symbolism, various pattern placements, floral designs and rich shades of yellow, white and gray. A leading figure in modern Scandinavian rug-making and Swedish textile art is Märta Måås-Fjetterström, whose flat-weave rugs you will find at Esmaili Rugs and Antiques. Unbelievably skilled in imagining composition, form and line, Måås-Fjetterströms weavers like Barbro Nilsson, Ida Rydelius, Ingrid Dessau, Ingegerd Silow, Anna Andersson, Marianne Richter rug creations are full of natural visions transformed into decorative works of art considered esteemed ornamental treasures by rug historians and enthusiasts.

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