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Свежая идея для дизайна: большой, двухэтажный, белый дом в классическом стиле с облицовкой из камня - отличное фото интерьера
Brion Jeannette Architecture
Brion Jeannette Architecture
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Storybook Style Architecture

Storybook-style architecture was created in Hollywood in the early 1900s and has materialized sporadically ever since throughout Southern California . This home has taken that theme to a level seldom seen. The sweeping lines of the shingle-pattern slate roof coupled with turrets, shuttered windows, and exterior stone, bring this storybook fantasy to life. Gracing the coastal bluff in Corona del Mar, this unique home has a chef-style kitchen with great room, private study, dedicated theater, recreation/exercise room, separate guest quarters, and all the luxurious finishes befitting a home of this stature. Easy access throughout the house is achieved by a 4-stop elevator. Dual parking garages, one on grade plus a subterranean garage, accommodate a multi-generational family’s needs Shorecliff Community Corona del Mar, CA Eric Figge Photography

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Mauricio добавил(а) это в Exterior Architecture Feature15 ноября 2023 г.

Looks amazing it’s like a castle or mansion