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На фото: гостиная комната в стиле модернизм с белыми стенами

Monochrome Living Room Pack

Monochrome Living Room Pack contains: 2 x framed graphic prints, 'Streetscape I' and 'Streetscape II' by Nathan + Jac, 72 x 96 x 4cm each. Hex side enamel side table, 41 x 50cm. Handmade black and white Twig Cubes by Twiggagerie. 'Kate Moss' coffee table book by Kate Moss. 'Fashion' coffee table book by Charlotte Seeling. Small rectangle perspex box (air plant not included). Basic step marble bookend. Lexi, 50 x 50cm, Lisa 50 x 50cm and Phoenix 40cm diameter cushions by Nathan + Jac, includes feather inserts.