Modern Bath Retreat

AV Architects + Builders
Location: Great Falls, VA, United States

Our clients were looking to renovate their existing master bedroom into a more luxurious, modern space with an open floor plan and expansive modern bath design. The existing floor plan felt too cramped and didn’t offer much closet space or spa like features. Without having to make changes to the exterior structure, we designed a space customized around their lifestyle and allowed them to feel more relaxed at home.

Our modern design features an open-concept master bedroom suite that connects to the master bath for a total of 600 square feet. We included floating modern style vanity cabinets with white Zen quartz, large black format wall tile, and floating hanging mirrors. Located right next to the vanity area is a large, modern style pull-out linen cabinet that provides ample storage, as well as a wooden floating bench that provides storage below the large window. The centerpiece of our modern design is the combined free-standing tub and walk-in, curb less shower area, surrounded by views of the natural landscape. To highlight the modern design interior, we added light white porcelain large format floor tile to complement the floor-to-ceiling dark grey porcelain wall tile to give off a modern appeal. Last not but not least, a frosted glass partition separates the bath area from the toilet, allowing for a semi-private toilet area.

Jim Tetro Architectural Photography

Свежая идея для дизайна: большая главная ванная комната в современном стиле с плоскими фасадами, темными деревянными фасадами, черной плиткой, серыми стенами, врезной раковиной, серым полом, полом из керамогранита, отдельно стоящей ванной, открытым душем, унитазом-моноблоком, столешницей из искусственного камня, открытым душем и керамогранитной плиткой - отличное фото интерьера —  Houzz
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Wall hung vanity makes washroom floor look bigger

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Floating vanity with linen on side for guest bath

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Tower at the end of counter not toilet

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Tower cabinet instead of closet

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