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Millennium Tower Loft- Stair case

Свежая идея для дизайна: угловая лестница в современном стиле без подступенок - отличное фото интерьера —  Houzz
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jimpattywaters добавил(а) это в Mount Seldom Inn28 октября 2019 г.

Fence as mess with metal top railing

jspann добавил(а) это в ISLES-Landscape Ideas1 мая 2019 г.

Scrims - The more open the fabric patterning, the more subtle the space-defining effects will be. I like how this fabric very minimally defines an entry and circulation space without the need for a partition wall. Very open wire fabric such as this requires special detailing to maintain tension and prevent sagging. The rod at the base accomplishes this in a visually minimal way. This treatment can be used inside and outside.....

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